Dry Chilli

BD Patil & Co. has created a niche in processing red chilli for customers throughout India and abroad with our expertise gained over a span of 85 years. We are the leading supplier and exporter of byadgi chilli, kashmiri chilli and other varieties of dry red chilli

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Byadgi chilli is also heavily used in extraction of oleoresin. Oleoresins are concentrated form of the spice consisting of the volatile essential oil and the non-volatile resinous fraction representing the flavour and taste of the spice. They are obtained mainly by solvent extraction from the spice.

This Byadgi variety is available for trade exclusively in Byadgi and no where else. Byadgi market also offers other varieties of chilli with varying characteristics for making blends as required by the customer

Product Specification

  • Appearance
    Bright Red color
  • Moisture
    12% Max.
  • Shu (ASTA Method)
    8,000 - 90,000
  • Color (ASTA Method)
    40 - 230
  • Extraneous Matter
    1% Max
  • Damaged & Discolored Pods
    4% Max
  • Loose Seeds
    4% Max

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